The Arrow in Flight // Program Facilitation + Coaching

A great facilitator can make virtually any learning content design successful but the reverse is not true, unfortunately.  Facilitation skills make or break the design.  That is why our clients count on JMReid Group’s world-class facilitators to deliver their own internal content or that of other third-party developers. Our specialized network of over 30 contract facilitators worldwide can provide credible and effective facilitation across a variety of content.

In addition to leveraging our facilitation capability, clients value our cadre of certified coaches to accelerate the retention of our leadership principles and content.

The Arrow in Flight:

Facilitation + Coaching


With over 30 global facilitators and consultants we provide:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Program Facilitation (of our client’s or a third party’s content)
  • Liberating Structures Facilitation

Facilitation Services

Companies lean on JMReid Group facilitation services to ensure their content is delivered in a manner that embraces the best in adult learning. Our facilitation services enable clients to reduce the costs associated with full-time internal resources and/or provide flexibility in how they best tap internal resources.

Our network of over 30 global facilitators has the depth of knowledge in a wide breadth of content areas. Equally important, they know that organizational cultural understanding is critical to their success.

Our facilitators have experience in various industries, including:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Big Four Accounting and Advisory
  • Medical Devices
  • Global Chemicals
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Consumer Products

The key difference in our facilitators is our belief that the art of facilitation has evolved and requires the facilitator to be part provocateur.

Executive + Sales Coaching Services

Leaders proactively set aside time to reflect, think, and process.  Leaders have a growth mindset. Coaching is a powerful avenue to support growth by asking the questions that help one unlock one’s personal leadership potential.

As part of our engagements, we provide one-on-one coaching services to all levels of leadership.  The majority of our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation; ICF.

Our coaching engagements vary in length and frequency based on the individual needs and goals.  We have the ability to match coach and coachees for fit using a matching algorithm.

Meet some of our clients’ go-to executive and sales leadership coaches:

John Reid – President JMReid Group, Sales and Sales Leadership coach

Corena Chase – OD professional/coach

Amrita Subramanian – MSOD/coach, OrgDev Lecturer at University of Pennsylvania

Matt Woolsey – PhD, OD professional/coach

Steven Hart –  OD professional/coach

Our Process

Half-day. Full-day. Multi-day.  We provide the facilitation services to delivery your in-house content.  We adjust to your needs and your budget

Our facilitators are experts in these market segments and subject matter areas

  • Professional Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Manufacturing
  • Material + Life Science
  • Entertainment + Media
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Government + Non-profit
  • Technology
  • Health Care
  • Automotive
  • Cross-cultural
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Executive Presence
  • Managing Up
  • Communication Skills
  • Business Writing
  • Leading Change
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teams at the Top
  • Accountability
  • Liberating Structures
  • Strategic Teaming
  • Innovation and Creativity

JMReid Group Facilitator Locations