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Selling environments are unique.  In order to improve sales performance, a number of sales organizations have grown tired of inflexible and dated models.  These sales organizations are looking for sales training that their sales managers, sales teams and individual sales representatives can  embrace and apply to real-life sales cycles.  There is a growing realization that in order to differentiate a sales force, companies need a sales training and sales methodology that reflects what they are attempting to achieve. 

What is custom sales training?

Custom sales training pulls from the best thinking and research around client conversations, negotiations, opportunity pursuits and territory planning, building a custom sales training program targeted  to the sales organizations presenting needs and  buyer/seller environment.

 Custom training is typically a mix of learning the traits and selling style of sales leaders, sales managers and sales representatives. The customization process includes:

  • Voice of the customer data
  • Insight from high-performing sales representatives/managers
  • Ridealongs to observe sales conversations
  • Understanding the current sales tools, support and resources
  • Matching training verbiage to client’s real world
  • Identifying key metrics and sales analytics to target in training

Traditional sales training companies thrive on intellectual property and believe that their model and methodology is the answer.  Their sales skills and management content will often predate the turn of the century.  Today’s selling environment requires a flexible and custom solution that meets the needs of all sales professionals including sales leadership, managers, outside and inside sales representatives. 

Why custom sales training?

Adults learners care first about relevance, engagement and learning models. Traditional training companies believe that the model or content is the answer, ignoring context.  The learner is left to digest a model that may or may not make sense for them.

Most off-the-shelf training is designed for junior or lower performing reps.  A custom approach enables clients to design  sales training for middle and high performers, elevating their performance and generating the most lift within the company. 

A custom approach is  engaging to any sales team, creating an opportunity for the learners to recognize and respond to relevant real-world scenarios. A custom approach allows a company to create training materials that are uniquely branded – and in doing so communicate to the learner that the sales strategy and the individual sales representative needs are important and relevant.

An additional advantage of a custom approach is clients can focus on the critical skills they are attempting to improve.  For example, clients have input in designing a program that includes, prospecting and negotiation skills, rather than settling for one or the other.  Lastly, all  examples provided will be relevant to the client’s world and their sales force challenges. 

Custom Selling Skills with JMReid Group

We believe context is king.  Given this changing world and the latest discoveries in neuro and social science, creating custom training programs makes sense.

We value models, however, dated sales models, built for a completely different selling environments, are a waste of your hard-earned training budget.  Sales organizations are better off building a custom sales training program in partnership with a training company who knows how to design highly engaging adult learning, shares a passion for selling and understands the value of your product/service.

Training should start with a custom Sales Coaching program.  Given the responsibility of  of control and influence during the sales process it is negligent  to do sales training and ignore the effectiveness of coaching.  

The solution is not a simple workshop, but a learning journey designed to drive sustained improvement. The sales effectiveness journey includes:

  • Assessment of current state
  • Sales manager, management and sales coaching training
  • Workshops
  • E-learning
  • Webinars

Our argument is simple, a custom program aligns with the current sales environment and sales strategy, allowing you to focus your spending on what matters, while increasing your sales team’s buy-in and engagement.

To learn more about the JMReid approach to sales training, take a look at our different offerings.