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Custom training is a clear emerging desire among organizations. After over forty years of  off-the-shelf programs and content, leading organizations are  questioning why their training programs are not custom and tailored to their unique organization and learner skillset.

Organizations are seeking coursework that meets their unique needs and builds the new skills necessary for the organization to compete in their marketplace.  Custom training programs create a learning experience for employees that supports their specific needs in a highly relevant manner integrating with other talent initiatives.

Consumers of custom training understand and recognize the importance of relevance and context when it comes to training. How can a program built in the 1980-90’sfor a different audience  be right content for their organization today?

What is custom training?

Custom training respects the environment of the learner and dives deep into the learner profile. It strives to understand the strategy of the organization and desired culture and values to be instilled.  Custom training typically starts by partnering with subject matter experts  within the organization to create fine-tuned learning objectives and ultimately  learning experience to motivate and engage the learner.

Successful custom development programs are journeys. Custom design considers what pre-work is needed from participants prior to the workshop resulting in a training and development journey sometimes six months to a year in length, focusing on client specific learning scenarios. The design often includes action learning projects,  sustainment activities, classroom instruction and webinars all designed to take people to the next level.

These custom programs can often be themed and branded according to company values, which  helps to drive retention and application.  The use of metaphors and analogies aid in the creation of a story, driving memorability and engagement.

The instructional design is less focused on writing correct learning objectives, but rather in the learning experience and solutions  achieve the greatest results in adult learning.

Why custom development?

Adults learners care first about relevance, then engagement and lastly learning models. Traditional training companies believe that the model or content is the answer, ignoring context.  The learner is left to digest a model that may or may not make sense for them. Impactful custom leadership training puts the learner at the center, along with their needs and challenges.  This enables a company to get provide a  training solution and individual training programs dedicated to long term sustainable success.

Professional development is often left to a variety of non-integrated, one-off programs.  Custom development allows for the creation of an integrated curriculum that provides quality training to meet the training needs of the organization.

Custom Skills with JMReid Group

We believe context is king.  Given this changing world and the latest discoveries in neuro and social science, creating custom training programs makes sense.

 JMReid Group was asked to build a professional development program on building relationships for the top 100 partners at a professional services firm.  While the client could have easily purchased an off-the-shelf program, they wanted a learning solution that provided new skills specifically for this target group’s role within the company.  The custom training  we created includes tapping into the leading neuro and social science research around relationship building followed by direct application in a client specific scenario.

The design offered attendees choices of training materials  enabling them to make the best use of their time during the session. Followed by continuing education with support content available on their Learning Management System.

Our argument is simple, a custom program aligns with the current sales environment and sales strategy, allowing you to focus your spending on what matters, while increasing your sales team’s buy-in and engagement.


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