Set the Target // Discovery and Assessments

From the learner’s perspective, what they care most about is whether the content is relevant and whether the facilitator demonstrates an understanding of their world. Our clients agree that money is better spent to create relevant learning, than to purchase off-the-shelf intellectual property.

Depending upon our client’s context and desired outcomes, we leverage a robust discovery process and a variety of assessment tools.

Set the Target:
Discovery + Assessments


When the objective is lasting behavior change, Context is King. A learning experience is just valuable time wasted if it is not relevant to the learner. The following discovery process ensures that we gain the appropriate level of insight into your organizational context. This insight informs our choice of learning content and gives us specific reference and application examples for the learning system. 

  • Document review
  • Focus groups
  • Individual interviews
  • Parallel questioning
  • Site visit
  • Discovery assessments

The output of the discovery process is written recommendations on the key learning drivers, synchronous and asynchronous learning design and post-class sustainment. A happy side-effect of the discovery process is the very act of participation leads to higher engagement from the participants in the classroom.



What gets measured gets managed. You may require a baseline and a periodic temperature check for your development initiative in order to track progress or you may want your learners to connect with their personality and preference styles. JMReid Group uses validated assessment tools which have been used by organizations of all sizes from mid-cap to Fortune 500. We offer a host of assessments including various style inventories, culture surveys (which measure ideal vs. existing culture), leadership abilities assessments and other assessment types.