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Learning Objectives

Decisions made by a few depend for their implementation on the “vast majority” that wasn’t included in the decision-making process.  This hands-on program is designed to equip attendees to more effectively engage their own meeting attendees to increase the quality of decision-making and meeting outcomes.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Invoke twenty-five adaptable methods that make it quick and simple for groups of people of any size to radically change how they interact and work together, and thus how they address issues, solve problems and develop opportunities.
  • Use the Structure side of Liberating Structures making it easy — and safe — for all participants to express their views freely and fully. 
  • Facilitate group conversations where results emerge bottom-up from the whole set of interactions “liberated” by Liberated Structures.   A minimum structure liberates the maximum freedom to explore solutions.
  • Include and unleash everyone with bottom-up Liberating Structure approaches: improving decisions; boosting innovation; accelerating and improving the quality of implementation; and, enables rapid adjustments to change.
  • Answer the question: how can we engage the “vast majority” practically and cost-effectively in group decision-making? 


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