Take Score // Measurement

We believe that higher skilled and motivated people generate better results. We also believe that well-designed training – delivered well – can build skills and enhance motivation. We do recognize the need to measure the effectiveness of training.

Take Score:


Training and Development professionals continue to get pressed on measuring the impact of the training investment by executives and business leaders.

When executives ask for “proof” around training, what we believe they are really after is increasing their own level of confidence that the solution being implemented, with all of its direct and indirect costs, will work. We believe our approach to design, and its deep respect for adult learning principles; our approach to sustainment (testing, spacing and interleaving to name a few) and the focus on relevance, when shared with executives, leads to an increase in confidence.

We also implement customized measurement strategies for our clients. Each measurement approach can be implemented by itself or in concert with other services, according to your unique needs.

Our measurement approach includes:

Level 1


Perception of value

Level 2

Knowledge Change

Pre- and post-testing and efficacy (confidence rating on ability to apply new knowledge)

Level 3

Behavior Change

Do we see people doing different things as a result?

Level 4

Business / Organizational Results

Can look at measurable (ROI), but also less attrition, smoother processes, less grievances.

These can be coupled with:

Pulse Checks

Implemented immediately prior, and then at agreed upon intervals, these checks test the program value, manager involvement and capture business outcomes.

We provide the measurement approach that matters to our clients.