Process + Services // How We Do It

Whether it’s people skills or technical skills—the ultimate goal is to improve performance and continue to build upon those improvements. We must embrace new strategies that remove old, unproductive behaviors and, in their place, entrench new, productive behaviors. Additionally, we must retain these new behaviors.

The following process ensures that we target the right content, gain insight into the context and garner the appropriate management support and deliver on the desired behavior change. Additional details on each of these phases of work, the activities and deliverables are available upon request.

Since nothing is fully learned until it is fully applied, all of our solutions include a variety of content retention and application strategies. Tools include email reinforcement, retention cards, job aids, application strategies and follow-through guides.


Whether it is to supplement your own pool of in-house facilitators or to draw upon the best-in-class experience from an outside perspective, look to JMReid Group to deliver your next training initiative. Our specialized network of over 30 contract facilitators worldwide can provide credible and effective facilitation across a variety of content. We’ve delivered everything from single-event team building sessions to multi-location program rollouts.

We believe that relevant content is king. So, we work hard to understand the participants’ unique challenges and desired behavior changes. We are able to translate for participants the behaviors and skills needed in their world. We challenge our facilitators to stay current on the latest thinking about leadership, decision making, handling difficult conversations, strategic thinking and building effective client relationships.


  • Professional Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Manufacturing
  • Material + Life Science
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Non-profits
  • Health Care
  • Technology
  • Industrial Distribution
  • Insurance