Select the Arrow // Our Design Principles + Content Solutions

We have built a robust quiver filled with both a variety of design approaches as well as content solutions.

Design Principles

  • Context is king
  • Powerful learning encourages risk-taking
  • Get them talking
  • Humans are not thinking beings that feel; we’re feeling beings that think
  • Tap the wisdom in and out of the room
  • Use movement
  • Engage the eye

Content Solutions

We have built a extensive library of content using our design principles in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Skills

Custom Solutions

With our network of world-class partners, we build custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Examples of custom work include:

  • The Edge: The Art + Science of Relationship Building
  • Sale Process Consulting + Value Creation Workshop
  • Social Science: Neuroscience in Relationship Building
  • Post-Merger + Integration (for a global life science firm)
  • Mentoring Pairing + Program
  • Onboarding

Flipped Classroom

There is a new method of learning design called a “flipped classroom.”

What’s a flipped classroom — and why now?

  • A flipped classroom gives content to a learner before they enter the workshop. This way they have a chance to wrestle with content before engaging with the class.
  • The flipped classroom model makes the training sessions more engaging by using face-to-face time to apply and experience concepts.
  • In a flipped classroom model, the facilitator is a “guide-on-side” rather than a “sage on the stage.” 

Check out this flipped classroom infographic by Newton