Set the Target // Discovery and Assessments

From our more than 10 years of experience, we find learning transfer is enhanced when the learner feels that the content is relevant to their work. In order to achieve relevance, we execute a robust discovery process.


Since the objective is lasting behavior change, understanding context is king. The following discovery activities ensure we gain an appropriate level of insight into your organizational context. 

  • Document review
  • Focus groups
  • Individual interviews
  • Parallel questioning
  • Site visit
  • Discovery assessments
  • Drive along (for sales solutions)

The insight generated from discovery informs the learning solution design. 

A happy side-effect of the discovery process is learners are far more engaged in our programs they helped inform.


JMReid Group offers a host of leadership behavior and selling skills assessments. We also leverage style inventories and engagement surveys. These tools inform the design, test participant pre and post knowledge, form learning cohorts and measure learning solution impact.