Loose More Arrows // Sustainment

Some people say, “Training doesn’t work.” We say, “Bad training doesn’t work.” So, the first step in sustainment of learning, is the creation and delivery of a memorable learning experience. The same thinking that creates a memorable learning experience is required to create a powerful sustainment experience.

Loose More Arrows:


Nothing is fully learned until it is fully applied – and learning decay is real. The actual decay can begin in the classroom. Data suggests that some participants may forget more than 90 percent of new information one month after training. Learning decay occurs far more rapidly if the information is not regularly recalled and put into practice. Use of proper reinforcement methods, however, can improve information recall significantly. As with all of our work, effectively reinforcing and embedding the learning is contextual. In our discovery process, we identify what will be the most effective sustainment components for our clients. There are a few key principles in our approach to sustainment:

Leverage Learning Cohorts

We are social animals. The use of our matching algorithm to form learning cohorts has created a higher level of accountability and shared learning which drives content retention and application.

Provide the Learner Choice

Giving the learner (and cohorts) the choice of their sustainment path increases ownership and involvement.

Involve Leadership

Manager support and motivation is a critical lever to drive behavior change.