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In order to create more effective teams within your organization, excellent team dynamics are necessary. Successful teams help create lift in your organization and can help develop leadership skills in employees. These skills developed through a team building training course can help alleviate conflict and pave the way for better and more effective leaders in the future.

Across organizations, more effective teams are needed. From human resources to sales teams all teams will benefit from a teambuilding training program.

What are team building courses?

Depending on whether a course is for a whole team or just for team leaders, team building training can take many different shapes. However, no matter what group the course focuses on, team building activities are central to team development.

Several things will happen in effective team building training. Team members and leaders will:

  • Engage in team building activities and discussions to learn how to better problem solve
  • Build better team communication
  • Improve decision making abilities, as a team and individually
  • Reframe their mindset to strategic thinking
  • Enable their understanding of other people’s communication styles as well as their own
  • Equip themselves to engage in difficult conversations
  • See their role in a high-performing team

In order to be effective and successful, the course respect and understand a team’s culture and dynamic, and will meet them where their team performance currently stands. Team building exercises that do not account for a participant’s real world or the company culture will often miss the mark.

The most effective team building training is accomplished by working on real team situations, often centred around an existing assignment. Participants can explore their role on their team in a more controlled, low-stakes environment, asking questions and testing their new skills. This type of team building program is made custom, a specialty of JMReid Group, whereas many team building courses stick strictly to their pre-set team building activities. By adding real life scenarios, the training course enables participants to embrace new skills for immediate application.

Participants leave the workshop with a plan to engage with their job and team in a new and more meaningful way. However, to accomplish this most effectively, our training does not end in the classroom. A sustainment process is typically built in to deliver webinars, e-learning, and other online courses and learning assets.

Who needs team building training?

Any and all teams within the organization. . These team building skills are critical for the future of a company as well as an employee’s success.

Team building programs skills are ideal for:

  • Any company looking to develop management skills to create better teams 
  • Human resource departments seeking more cohesive teams skills training
  • Leadership development for any group size
  • Team development in any department needing to create high performing teams
  • Instilling communication skills between team members

Team building training with JMReid Group

We are consultants who have also worked inside organizations in a variety of staff functions.  We understand and have observed many functioning and under-functioning teams, within many different kinds of businesses.

We have great empathy for any organization looking to develop better teams and strive for better leadership development. Our training motto is unlike any other training organization. We take special care to tailor our programs to each clients’ individual needs, no matter the team dynamics or leadership training needs. We not only do in-person training, but have webinar, eLearning and virtual team course content that can be tailored individually. Unlike our other competitors, our programs address the mental model necessary and the real tensions that exist when attempting operate as a team.

We recognize the talent and wisdom that team member possesses when they come into the classroom. We therefore always customize the solution to meet their specific needs. We don’t recommend providing generic and off-the-shelf solutions – and therefore model this in our approach.

We design and deliver highly engaging workshops and sustainment activities to enable team members to make this important shift in their professional development.

To learn more about the JMReid Group approach to team building, take a look at our different offerings.