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We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest research and information available – so we are always bringing fresh, innovative and significant ideas to our clients. Immersing ourselves in the latest thinking, coupled with our vast experience in the industry, gives us a robust capability when it comes to effective learning design and delivery. We share our unique point of view through our white papers.

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Why Traditional Training Doesn’t Work – Part 1

What makes great learning or – are we getting what we are paying for?

Why Traditional Training Doesn’t Work – Part 2

Seek first to understand – but do your training providers?

How to Insult the Learner

There are assumptions alive today that undergird the classic approach to organizational learning.

Our Point of View on Great Design

After spending the majority of our careers attending or working for traditional training firms, we started JMReid Group with a different perspective on what makes for great learning.

Facilitator as Provocateur

We at JMReid Group are experiencing a real shift in what participants need and value in classroom learning: instructors who, beyond facilitating content, also challenge perspectives.

The Care and Feeding of the Adult Learner

Our new ebook on the care and feeding of the 21st century learner.