What We Believe // The four pillars of JMReid Group

We are learner centric. Our focus, passion and energy is all designed to engage the learner and drive behavior change. 

Context is King

Some companies believe their model is the answer and therefore will work across all contexts. We believe demonstrating a deep understanding of your challenges and opportunities is the difference that matters for great learning. We invest our time and talent in understanding you and your participant’s unique issues. While models have their place,  they cannot compensate for a failure to connect with the participant’s current situation. Your employee’s role in the organization, the alignment of their goals with the company’s, the quality of coaching available and a whole host of other factors fascinates us.  

There is Wisdom In + Out of the Room

Traditional training assumes participants are empty vessels. This assumption leads to the facilitator as teacher, and the participants as students. The designs, if they appeal at all, appeal to the most basic learner. We believe that the participants generally know what they are doing and have a lot of wisdom in certain areas. The learner is the star of the show and they should have the best lines.  Our passion for learning extends outside the classroom and we bring in the insight of current thought leaders to our designs. The wisdom in our programs comes from the room and the world, not just own own beliefs.

Engagement is the Word

While the learners have wisdom, they also may suffer from overconfidence.   The challenge is then to deliver learning where the participant self-discovers the desired behavior change.  People listen to what they say, not what you say. When people are engaged they are open to new ways of thinking and acting.  High quality visuals, movement, passionate facilitators and experiential activities are just a handful of components we leverage to engage participants.  

Embrace Complexity + Integration

Organizational behavior change happens within an ecosystem of drivers that must be managed as an interdependent system. We get this. We are not coming to you looking for the problem that fits our solution. We  will “out-understand” the other learning organizations to get at which drivers will support and enable the desired behavior, and which drivers are barriers to the desired change.  We seek to integrate with whatever training models or methodologies currently work in your organization.