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Consulting Skills // Skills Programs

Learning Objectives

This hands-on one day program is designed to equip participants with the mindset, tools and skills to provide consulting value to internal clients.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Define the three Dimensions of Success necessary for effective consulting engagements
  • Describe the four roles that they can play with a client and the value of those roles
  • Articulate the core consulting skills and their importance
  • Describe an overall client consulting model from contracting to closure
  • Understand how to more effectively position and contract for their role
  • Recognize different types of internal clients and what impacts their perception of the solution
  • List the impact of trust on an internal client relationship
  • Identify the four types of client questions and their value
  • Create a high-impact question for an upcoming client meeting
  • Practice positioning their solutions in a way that generates more credibility




  • Introduction
  • Learning objectives
  • Ground rules, building agreements

Introduction to Model

  • The three key areas (results, process + relationships)
  • Consulting roles
  • Assess core consulting skills
  • Latest research and implications


  • Consulting process model
  • Where value is created
  • Preparing for a meeting
  • Creating desired outcomes

Building Relationships

  • Three levels of trust
  • We teach people how to treat us
  • Motivational styles
  • Questioning and listening
  • Need behind the need
  • Power of the summary
  • Application

Delivering Results

  • People pay for insight
  • Want vs. need
  • Sources of insight
  • Language of business
  • Positioning solutions
  • Measurement strategies

Workshop Close