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Start with the underlying mindset.

A salesperson’s behaviors are driven by their underlying beliefs or mindset. So rather than focusing on skills and knowledge alone, we address the beliefs necessary for success. Three key beliefs that we find are often in need of reframing include:

It's important the customer likes me

People pay for my responsiveness and problem solving

I win because I have a good talk track


It's important the customer respects me

People pay for my insight and the value I bring

I win because I out-understand the competition

From: “It’s important the customer likes me” To:
“It’s important the customer respects me”

From: “People pay for my responsiveness and problem solving” To:
“People pay for my insight and the value I bring”

From: “I win because I have a good talk track” To:
“I win because I out-understand the competition”

“John is a valued partner to ProAmpac commercial leadership. His professional experience in corporate marketing and selling bring credibility to his teaching approach. Combined with his energy and passion, he challenges our team to think differently about how they lead and sell. He has been an excellent addition to our team.”

– Adam Grose, Chief Commercial Officer, ProAmpac

“The session you ran captured the right balance between allowing the sales force to express themselves while artfully steering the conversation to where management did not feel threatened. Your friendly, knowledgeable, quick style gained people’s trust that you understood and cared about their world.”

– Sam Gerber, VP of Sales, Bodek and Rhodes

"We partner with JMReid Group to develop our commercial organization's sales negotiation skills because they are committed to our overall success. They understand that knowing the context of our business and challenging our sales organization is far more important to changing behaviors than off-the-shelf models and methodologies. They work alongside us to build and implement solutions that drive results."

– Kelly Crouse, SVP & Chief Commercial Officer, C.H. Guenther & Son

I used the tools we learned last week in a broker sales training today. It was by far the most effective training I’ve had in a long time. It became an interactive conversation for the last 15 minutes that will yield results. Amazing how relaxing it is to present when you make it about them and get them engaged.

– Bert Patterson, Monogram Foods

“The entire JMReid Group is a breath of fresh air! From the start our conversations were clear and by design. John and the team took time to understand our culture and work with our existing plans and processes to develop a sales approach connecting with our entire diverse team.”

– Roxanne Betts, Training and Organizational Development Leader, Signicast Investment Castings

“Understanding does trump everything. This approach took our knowledge, skills and abilities to develop a profile to move our sales team in one direction – as one team.”

– Roxanne Betts, Training and Organizational Development Leader, Signicast Investment Castings

“John is a skilled and effective coach. He understood our business strategy and identified the skills, knowledge and behaviors that the sales organization would need to succeed. In addition, his approach to learning demonstrates an understanding of the participants’ real world, which made the program a great success.”

– Ray Palombi, EVP Sales and Marketing, Harsco Infrastructure

"As a rapidly growing company with a sales team with diverse levels of experience and responsibilities, John and his team tailored and delivered a dynamic workshop on negotiation skills which met our needs and exceeded our expectations. We will recoup our investment in this training with the first deal we negotiate applying the methodology and tactics we learned."

– Bruce Brandes, VP Sales, HealthStream

“The custom designed program John created showed his passion for understanding the client’s situation. He brings together a knowledge of the latest thinking, his own experience and an engaging style to create a meaningful learning experience. I would strongly recommend John for those considering implementing sales training.”

– Alex Scott, Vice President, Sales and Market Development, HealthStream

“JMReid Group is a valuable partner in our sales performance improvement efforts. Whether it is providing our new hires with sales and negotiation skills or our managers with the necessary coaching skills."

– Mike Maloy, General Manager, Ryerson, Inc.

"John’s team is committed to getting it right. By effectively delving into our company culture, he understands the strengths and challenges of our diverse sales management whether they have been in the position for a while or recently promoted.”

– Mike Maloy, General Manager, Ryerson, Inc.

"I recommend JMReid Group to anyone looking for a training partner who values understanding the company culture and participants’ needs more than pushing a model or process.”

– Mike Maloy, General Manager, Ryerson, Inc.

“For ten years JMReid Group has aided us in driving our business strategy by understanding the context in which our sales organization competes. We have found a true partner to help develop our sales organization.”

– Kevin Richardson, President Southeast Region, Ryerson, Inc.

“When considering a sales development training partner, JMReid Group was the only firm we looked at that was not trying to sell us a methodology or a model but was solely focused on enabling us to drive results within our business context. I highly recommend JMReid Group for sales organizations seeking to differentiate themselves from the competition.”

– Kiki Nimtz, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Signicast Investment Castings

We have a respect for the profession

We have great respect for salespeople and see sales as a noble profession. In this spirit, we are passionate about having standards. We partner with our clients to create increased accountability around standards including:
  • Defining a successful sales call
  • Maintaining an accurate pipeline
  • Having a clear strategy and tactics related to pursuit
  • Identifying key leading indicators
  • Practicing give to get negotiations

Our respect for salespeople flows to the facilitators we engage. These are not “sage on the stage” or “caffeinated motivational speakers.” Rather, they are professionals who have carried a bag themselves, and who know to tap into the wisdom in the room.

Our goal is to take your middle and high-performers and move them from good to great.

We take an agile approach to selling and development

Fixed models and linear processes will provide salespeople with confidence and a level of competence, but won’t prepare your middle to high-performers for the non-linear interactions they’ll face in the real world. These step-by-step approaches (to what should be dynamic conversations) appeal because of their simplicity but rarely deliver. In contrast, our agile approach equips your salespeople to demonstrate genuine curiosity, proactively listen and frame insight in a relevant and powerful manner at any part of a meeting. We don’t provide a map to follow but rather the mindset, skills and techniques to go where the customer journey takes them. This agile approach is one we also apply to our learning designs – we pivot to create a solution based on your needs, your sales cycle, and your offering. Click on the examples below to see some of the areas we explore – each ready to be tailored to you:

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