Happy Birthday to Us! 

We are delighted to have spent the past 10 years providing top quality, learner-centric programs to help our participants develop their wings and soar. 

Clients looking for unique development experiences and first-class facilitation come to JMReid Group. Our approach is guided by four pillars that are critical to professional development: context is king, engagement is the word, there is wisdom in and out of the room and we embrace complexity and integration.

There is Wisdom In + Out of the Room


Engagement is

the Word

How We Do It // Establishing new behaviors


Set the target

Develop Solutions

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Executive Alignment

Pull the bowstring

Program Delivery

The arrow in flight


Loose more arrows


Take score

Who We Do It For // Clients and Testimonials

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Why We Do It // Participant Comments

“I got to look at situations differently – to take a step back and understand where they are coming from before engaging in communication. This will help me understand people and make communication easier.”

– DSM, Communication Skills Program Participant, November 2018

“This program is one of the best sales training programs I have ever been to.”

– WR Grace, Negotiation Skills Program Participant, February 2019

I had a great time at negotiation training. Feel empowered and motivated – from the beginning to the end. Thank you, John.

-WR Grace, Negotiation Skills Program Participant, March 2019

“ A very good presenter – engaging, interesting, funny. Kept it lively – I learned a lot.”

– DSM, Communication Skills Participant, November 2018

“Great program! This course taught me to learn more about my customers and ways to keep increasing their sales in a concise and savvy manner.”

– Ryerson, Value Selling and Negotiation Program Participant, September 2018

“The most useful training that I’ve participated in since being a part of Grace. A very engaging format and I enjoyed the role-playing. The information was provided in a relevant context (real-world) and it was the perfect length.”

– WR Grace, Negotiation Skills Program Participant, February 2019

Be sure to also check out what other participants have said about our programs. Click here!

Programs // Our four main categories

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