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More Steps, Less Money

More Steps, Less Money

Many sales professionals believe they need to stick to a rigid process with clients in order to secure a more productive contract. However, the reality is that a strict, prolonged sales process means a sales rep is likely to generate less revenue!
How many steps are in your sales process? Can any of them be done concurrently? We can help your reps accelerate their opportunities and claim more value. Give us a call to find out how!

What is Culture?

What is Culture?

Wallace stated, “The point of the fish story is merely that the most obvious, important realities are often the ones that are hardest to see and talk about.” While his speech was initially intended to inspire the individual college graduate, I believe we can take the concept of “what is water” and apply it to organizational culture. The three fish could easily be three co-workers, the more experienced worker says, “We have some cultural issues here,” and the others say, “What are cultural issues?”