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Posted by Corena Chase on July 31, 2019

Feedback is critical to growth. Here are a few tips to be sure you’re receiving the signals loud and clear.


Posted by Corena Chase on July 1, 2019

Learning to get better requires honest reflection and the willingness to “fail forward”.

It’s What You Believe, Not What You Know

Posted by John Reid on May 29, 2019

Recently, I sat down for a group call with a potential client seeking a delegation skills program for their managers. Our conversation was going well. They liked our design principles, which include: context is king, there is wisdom in and out of the room and highly engaging activities promote retention. As a group, they appeared […]

Power without Aggression

Posted by Corena Chase on May 13, 2019

I have a memory from my early twenties, standing at a table in the New York City restaurant I worked in with a dirty glass in my hand, chatting with a customer. I don’t remember how we got to talking or even what our conversation was about but I remember this one thing he said […]

What Can You Learn From a Bad Boss?

Posted by Andrew Reid on April 17, 2019

Bad bosses can ruin a work environment, but there are lessons in to be gained in the process. Patience, reflection, and grace can make working for a bad boss easier to handle.

Do Your Homework – and Throw It Away!

Posted by Corena Chase on April 1, 2019

I was a good student. I did my homework on time, studied zealously for tests, and actually read everything I was assigned to read. Math was a hard subject for me, so I took summer classes to try to coax my brain into grasping all those black-and-white formulas and processes. I remember that I was […]

What We Resist Persists

Posted by John Reid on March 20, 2019

Experiential learning is a deep challenge that leads to rich rewards.

Death of a (Macho) Salesman

Posted by John Reid on February 27, 2019

In Arthur Miller’s 1949 play Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman embodies the common American salesperson of his time. Much has changed since Miller brought this character to life, yet the overly macho way people talk about sales remains the same—and it’s time for a change. The language of sales has always struck me as aggressive […]

Trust: A Salesperson’s Ultimate Blindspot

Posted by John Reid on January 30, 2019

The following is adapted from Moving from Models to Mindsets.

Being the Expert Can Be Risky in Sales

Posted by John Reid on January 14, 2019

The following is adapted from Moving from Models to Mindsets.