Culture Building

Culture and accountability go hand in hand

As the expression goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast. In other words, the best strategy can be undone by a culture that does not support its execution. Company cultures are living organisms that can either be tended to —and therefore flourish— or allowed to run wild, creating disengagement. Culture is the domain of senior leadership – they get to define the culture and then hold themselves and others accountable. Climate, culture’s pesky sibling, is domain of managers and leaders, it is the day-to-day behaviors and norms that either align with or betray the espoused culture.

Our culture and climate-building work includes a variety of approaches: 

Articulating the Culture

We partner with senior leadership to facilitate a discussion around creating culture. This in turn drives the strategy and/or dives into identifying key behaviors associated with the culture and how best to embed it in the organization.

Communicating the Culture

We often ask leaders, “Do you want to be heard or understood?” Communication around culture often fails because leaders communicate in a manner that ensures they are heard, but not necessarily understood. In a topic that is so critical, leaders need to embrace more two-way interactions and drastically increase the frequency with which culture is discussed.

Leading and Managing the Culture

Beautiful cultural aspirations rise and fall on the ability of leaders and managers to translate the culture into the desired day-to-day behaviors. We partner with our clients to connect their work to the culture and identify those moments-of-truth that will challenge their success.

Operationalizing Team Culture

Every team is operating within a culture that they have consciously, or more likely unconsciously, created. We work with intact teams to accelerate their performance by, among other things, making team culture conversations an ongoing and worthwhile effort.

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