Leading culture is…

…consciously tending to the company’s values by addressing underlying beliefs and promoting the desired behaviors.

The key to cultivating a winning company culture is taking these three elements and putting them into daily practice in a realistic way.


Clear values are a source of strength for company culture.

Values are an internal compass created to guide behaviors within a group. Leadership must set clear company values and then model them visibly, so that the rest of the organization understands the expectation. Values help strategic decision-making, recruitment and corporate health.


At JMReid Group, we understand, as most leaders do, that culture can make or break a company’s strategy. Company cultures are living organisms that can either be tended to, and therefore flourish, or allowed to run wild, and create disengagement. The goal of our work is always to get the company’s espoused culture to align with the day-to-day culture in action.

This work begins with underlying beliefs that drive people. You can teach adults any number of concepts, but only when you address their underlying belief system do people truly change their behavior.


Ensuring a healthy culture at work begins and ends with behaviors. How people treat each other in public and, more importantly, behind office doors is what creates a work culture people thrive in. Values and behaviors must be linked in order to drive results.

“We partnered with JMReid Group to create a culture of agility, accountability and accelerated communication in support of our business strategy. We are thrilled to report that we have seen significant improvement in our employee engagement and cultural index scores. We recommend JMReid Group to anyone serious about driving culture change.”

— Wendy Losik, DSM Functional Materials

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