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Formal Performance + Development Conversations // Skills Programs

Learning Objectives

This hands-on one day program is designed to help managers better lead performance and development conversations. The program can be easily customized to a specific performance management process.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Define the manager’s role in managing performance
  • Recognize the risk in subjective performance evaluations
  • Effectively articulate a performance ranking and the rationale
  • Identify the key traps and biases inherent in performance evaluations
  • Assess various goals of a performance review conversation
  • Analyze how to treat effort, inexperience and other challenges
  • Identify strategies for difficult performance conversations
  • List best practices for preparing for a performance conversation
  • Define the importance of employees “owning” their development
  • List the key principles of adult learning
  • Articulate the value and importance of the adult learning cycle
  • Assess the risks that impact performance development plans
  • Apply a tool to determine the appropriate developmental strategy
  • Practice using a developmental focus conversation tool
  • Differentiate between coaching and teaching




  • Introduction
  • Learning objectives
  • Link to employee engagement and the Gallup Q12

Performance Conversations

  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Before going in

Performance Development Model

  • Rating, rationale, ranking and resolution


  • Leslie Stone case study
  • Unfolding Evaluation activity
  • Reasons vs. results
  • Common biases to avoid


  • Intellectual vs. emotional
  • Shifting the blame
  • Impact


  • One brain – three layers
  • Deep listening


  • Transitioning to Developmental


  • Owners vs. renters
  • Creating ownership

Adult Learning

  • Learning cycle
  • Five ways to add challenge

Managing Risk

  • Inertia, loss aversion and planning fallacy

Factor Analysis

  • Environmental, vocational, positional, aspirational and personality

Conversation Tool

Coaching vs. Teaching

  • Ace Aviation

Workshop Close