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High Performance Selling Skills // Sales Programs

Learning Objectives

This hands-on two day program is designed to prepare sales people to more effectively challenge their customers and expand their effectiveness.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Define the three principles critical to a high-performance sales approach
  • Diagnose the client buying cycle
  • List the three dimensions of trust and their impact on relationships
  • Apply a call preparation tool that creates joint ownership and desired client actions after the meeting
  • Create effective call openings
  • Apply a model for resolving client objections
  • Create a more effective questioning strategy
  • Articulate clients’ personal and professional needs
  • Define the three motivational styles and the appropriate sales and recruiting  strategies for each motivational style
  • Identify the key sales metrics that you should know
  • Analyze three sales opportunities against a qualification framework
  • Articulate the four levels of buyer/seller relationships
  • Use an assessment tool to understand their relationship level with clients




  • Introduction
  • Learning objectives


  • Genuine curiosity, people pay for insight, belief in value

Client Buying Cycle

  • Seller’s cycle
  • Stages and value

Trust Triangle

  • Competence, character and connection
  • Trust scenarios

Core Selling Skills

  • Self-assessment

Call Preparation

  • Last table standing

Call Openings

  • Purpose, benefit check


  • Our parents are to blame
  • What is your REAL question?
  • Four types and what they say


  • Tailoring your message
  • Speaking in threes
  • Provoke to engage

Motivational Styles

  • Assess and adjust


Numbers You Should Know

  • What they are and why they matter

Qualifying Opportunities

  • Probability pentagon
  • Application
  • Three quick questions

Relationship Assessment

  • Buying types
  • Relationship pyramid
  • Strategies

Workshop Close