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Interpersonal Negotiations // Skills Programs

Learning Objectives

This hands-on one day workshop explores the mindset, tools and skills to improve participants’ negotiation skills in everyday and challenging interpersonal situations – with peers, direct reports and their manager.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe how rapport and trust form the foundation of effective negotiations and sustainable agreements
  • Build upon an approach and tactics to reliably create rapport
  • Apply the three questions at the heart of workplace trust
  • Discuss the task-relationship balance inherent in any interaction and describe an approach to keep the two balanced
  • Examine how interpersonal negotiations can meet both parties’ basic needs
  • Examine a set of common human needs, apply an intuitive process to elicit the other person’s needs and to describe one’s own needs
  • Apply a set of negotiation skills to a real workplace situation, balancing telling with asking
  • Confirm and plan to follow-through on agreements made




  • Introduction
  • Learning objectives


  • You Want, I Want: experiential activity
  • Effective negotiation = sustainable agreement
  • Elements of effective negotiation

Rapport + Trust

  • Creating rapport
  • Building trust
  • The three questions and scenarios

Task-Relationship Balance

  • Interaction trajectories

Their Needs, Your Needs

  • Sustainable agreements
  • The seven basic human needs
  • Aligning needs protocol

Skill: Listen + Encourage

  • Say what?
  • Why encourage?
  • Listen + Encourage cocktail party

Skill: Ask

  • Ask-tell continuum
  • Asking high-yield questions
  • Revolver: negotiation questioning

Skill: Tell

  • Effective advocacy: Why? How?
  • Advocacy drill

Skill: Confirm Agreement

  • Insight application plan

Negotiations Practice

  • Everyday situations
  • Challenging situations

Workshop Close

  • Challenging situations