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Leadership Presence // Leadership Programs

Learning Objectives

This one and a half day program is for middle and senior leaders to enhance their leadership presence.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the attributes of Leadership Presence
  • Analyze the 20 most common behavioral flaws that limit a leader’s growth
  • Identify the problem with using jargon and buzzwords to communicate
  • Recognize the impact of a fixed vs. growth mindset
  • Understand and assess the key drivers of emotional intelligence
  • Write in a more structured and compelling manner
  • Use language clearly and concisely
  • Adapt their writing to different types of readers
  • Assess and improve their verbal, visual and vocal skills
  • Practice presenting complex ideas in a straightforward and accessible manner




  • Introduction
  • Learning objectives

Leadership Presence

  • What you know
  • What you show
  • Commitment to grow


  • Stated values vs. values in action
  • Objective vs. subjective integrity

What You Show

  • Technical credibility
  • Reputation, resumé and results
  • Jargon and buzzwords – Jargon Madness activity

Commitment to Grow

  • 20 common behavioral flaws
  • Growth vs. fixed
  • Teachability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-assessment
  • Ladder of inference
  • Managing perceptions

Business Writing

  • What our writing says about us
  • Who is the reader?
  • Grammar
  • Active vs. passive construction
  • Making the complex simple


  • Visual (presence, gestures, open face)
  • Vocal (tone, inflection, volume)
  • Verbal
    • Structure presentation – making it stick
    • Curse of knowledge
    • Speaking in threes

Speaking on Your Feet

  • Gathering your thoughts
  • Using constructs
  • Leveraging facilitative techniques

Workshop Close