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Legacy Leadership // Section: Leadership Programs

Learning Objectives

This one day program is designed for middle and senior leaders and allows them to explore the legacy they are building, as well as think about the actions and behaviors they want to take to leave their desired legacy.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Explore challenging leadership moments and how to handle them
  • Define their current and desired legacy and the impression they want to leave on their organization
  • Tell, reflect on and share their story with others
  • Create a visual story of their legacy
  • Describe research proving that the mind can rewire the brain
  • Apply tactics for overcoming self-defeating thoughts
  • Recognize the drivers of energy
  • Manage empathy appropriately




  • Introduction
  • Learning Objectives


  • What is Challenging for Me, the Leadership Team and Employees
  • Activity: Post-it Notes
  • What do the Challenges Have in Common?

Legacy Leadership

  • Definition
  • Activity: Rope Continuum
  • Conscious Choice

Legacy as Part of Your Story

  • Story – and a Critical Chapter
  • Classic Story Structures
  • Personal Reflection
  • Sharing Your Story with Others

Creating the Legacy

  • Activity: Visual Stories
  • Debrief

Overcoming Self-Defeating Thoughts

  • Yours and Others
  • Review Video
  • Study Content Provided
  • Discuss Tactics and Application

Maintaining Energy (Others)

  • Drivers of Energy
  • Dos and Don’ts Consistent with Legacy
  • Managing Empathy Appropriately

Workshop Close

  • Movement Based (Facts, Findings and Feelings)
  • Close