Moving From Models to Mindsets

Rethinking the Sales Conversation


“John is a valued partner to ProAmpac commercial leadership. His professional experience in corporate marketing and selling bring credibility to his teaching approach. Combined with his energy and passion, he challenges our team to think differently about how they lead and sell. He has been an excellent addition to our team.”
–Adam Grose, Chief Commercial Officer, ProAmpac

We partner with JMReid Group because their focus on context, the learner, and the latest thinking gets results. It allows our companies to move from previous curriculums and training without the feeling of having to start over.”
–David Gau, Operating Partner, PPC Partners

“For ten years, JMReid Group has aided us in driving our business strategy by understanding the context in which our sales organization competes. We have found a true partner to help develop our sales organization.”
–Kevin Richardson, President Southeast Region, Ryerson

“A radical reconsideration of sales training that moves away from one-size-fits-all models.”

“John Reid gets that you have to get the mindset right–only then are models, tools, and tactics effective.”
–Mark Hawn, Principal, Accounts and Business Development, EY

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Improve Your Relationship-Building Skills — Even If You Think You’re a Pro

Salespeople rightly believe that relationships are important. However, many sales professionals rarely ask themselves, “Am I as effective as I can be in building relationships and in building the types of relationships that bring opportunity and commitment?”

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