On-Demand Learning Everywhere

It’s learning, just virtually. Whether it’s self-directed or with a group, the fundamentals of learning still apply.

We have designed and delivered virtual training since 2016, using our three principles driving successful virtual learning.


Technology may seem like a disruptor, but we’ve found that it can enable an impactful experience. One key is to use the tools available strategically – always keeping the learner top of mind. In order to optimize this experience, we embrace a one-to-one pairing of producer with facilitator. This allows us to ensure a seamless learning experience.


Our brand is all about learner-centricity. Learner centricity means tailoring programs to the learner’s real world. It also means giving the learner a highly engaging learning experience where the participant is the star of the show. 

From breakout rooms to polling, from chat boxes to facilitators engaging learners individually, we are diligent about using the latest learning integration tools.


Too often, virtual learning ends up being anything but learning. Participants need to be challenged in order to learn. At best, large enrollment webinars create more awareness but do little for behavior change.

We take a different approach by recommending smaller classes. Fewer participants allow more opportunities for the individual learner resulting in higher retention, knowledge transfer and individual impact, ultimately giving you greater return on your investment.

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