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Resolving Conflict // Skills Programs

Learning Objectives

This hands-on one day workshop is designed to provide participants with the mindset, skills and tools to effectively resolve conflict.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the value of conflict to an organization’s success
  • Identify when getting into conflict is a waste of time
  • Compare the four potential approaches to resolving conflict
  • Assess their style under stress and strategies to flex their approach
  • Identify the unproductive behaviors associated with the competitive and accommodating approaches
  • Identify the three areas of trust and their relevance to conflict
  • Assess our natural responses to conflict and the implications
  • Recognize how the ladder of conflict impacts our effectiveness
  • Analyze the tendency to label others’ motives
  • Apply communication techniques to effectively resolve conflict
  • Commit to change their approach to conflict




  • Introduction
  • Learning objectives

Value of Conflict

  • From hidden to disruptive
  • Definition of productive conflict

When to Engage

  • Control, influence and concern
  • Implications of each

Conflict Resolution Options

  • Choices: Meet my needs / Meet others’ needs / Problem with compromise

Fight or Flight

  • Amygdala hijack
  • Conflict style assessment


  • Three dimensions
  • Character, competence and connection

Checkered Flag Raceway

  • Experiential activity
  • Impact of role on perspective
  • Seek understanding

Ladder of Conflict

  • Adding motive – scenarios
  • Labeling others
  • Blaming and absolutes
  • Moving From “but” to “and”

Listening + Advocating

  • Model of effective communication
  • Moving from amygdala to dialogue
  • Assessing advocacy skills
  • Advocacy practice

Top Ten Tips

  • Commitment to change

Workshop Close