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Sales Negotiations // Sales Programs

Learning Objectives

This hands-on two day workshop is designed to provide participants with the mindset, skills and tools to increase their effectiveness in negotiations.

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the relationship between selling and negotiating
  • Define the impact of being an effective negotiator
  • Describe the negotiation continuum and its implication on their success
  • Evaluate methods to build and diminish power
  • List why they should care about negotiating effectively
  • Describe the two different types of negotiations
  • Recognize behaviors that lead to unnecessary customer demands
  • Differentiate demands from needs
  • Evaluate the use and value of MESO’s
  • Examine a negotiation opening offer and counter offer approach
  • Identify various competitive tactics and counter measures
  • Describe trade concession strategy
  • Apply sales negotiation techniques
  • Analyze various closing techniques




  • Introduction
  • Learning objectives

Sales Negotiations

  • Negotiation styles and outcomes
  • Six critical skills (self-assessment)

Sales Negotiation Planner

  • Overview and value
  • Last Table Standing activity

New England Eagles

  • Case study/Role play
  • Anchoring, availability and sunk cost

Opening + Countering-Opening

  • Opening and counter model


  • Types of suestions
  • Prefacing, drilling down
  • Listening
  • Known and needed

Building Power

  • Sources of power
  • Ways to build and diminish power

Competitive Tactics

  • Competitive tactics
  • Counter measures

Sources of Value

  • Value sources and importance
  • Value justification
  • Trading strategy and tactics
  • Give to get mindset


  • Presenting offer
  • Use of MESOs


  • Deadlocks
  • Closing model
  • Closing exercise

Workshop Close