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Leaders are not born – they are developed. A key component of leadership development is the offering of leadership workshops.

Effective and therefore developed leaders are able to harness the full capability of their direct reports, successful at retaining employees and understand how to motivate, engage and problem solve with their teams.

Well trained leaders have high emotional intelligence – they know themselves, can control themselves, are able to recognize others needs and adjust accordingly. The effectiveness of emotional intelligence, coupled with organization’s leadership competencies, provides the essential skills necessary for success.

What is a leadership workshop?

A leadership workshop is a workshop designed to teach participants how to lead effectively and successfully. These training programs are typically one component of an overall leadership development process plus sustainment efforts to include webinars, virtual learning and assessment work, designed to drive retention.

The actual workshop content approach depends upon a number of factors including, participant level, experience, company strategy, other initiatives and logistical factors. Best practices recognize that a single leadership workshop will be ineffective unless it is a component of an overall leadership development program.

Consistent among leadership workshops is a focus on equipping the leader to be effective in their current role – by focusing on the mindset, skills and time application necessary for success. Given the changing nature of leadership, successful leadership training focuses on real world application and new leadership skills needed in today’s competitive business environment.

What happens during a leadership workshop?

JMReid Group leadership workshops center around the learner, committed to developing a custom approach for each of our clients. In contrast to one-size-fits-all programs, JMReid Group adjusts to fit company size, experience, current competency model and business issues. We do not offer public workshops, since all leadership skills training is contextual to a specific organization.

That being said, a leadership development program typically includes content on both essential skills and heightened personal awareness with topic areas such as:

  • Trust
  • Coaching
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Leadership Style
  • Motivation
  • Performance Conversations
  • Communication Skills

The leadership workshop content is driven by our discovery process. This includes the execution of parallel interviewing with focus groups of direct reports, targeted participants, and executive leadership. All discovery work leads to a custom leadership development program that is contextual, engaging and respects the challenges leaders face within your organization.

Who needs leadership development training?

In the complex and changing world we live in – it is critical that leaders embrace a “growth mindset” and recognize the value of constant leadership development. By having all functional and staff leaders work on their development, it sends a strong  message to employees that effective leadership matters from the executive level to front line leaders.

Team leaders, who are often given different leadership courses, will also benefit from being in a leadership development program in order to create a common language within the balance of the organization.

Leadership training workshops with JMReid Group

We are different than most of our peers. They believe that content or models are the key.  Adhering to this belief naturally leads to a learning dynamic that is more teacher driven than learner driven. The model or facilitator becomes the focus of the leadership development program – not the learner.

We believe that context is king, that leadership workshops are run solely for the learner who is seeking effective leadership skills. We design our programs to leverage our clients current leadership competencies, and equip participants with  real world, essential skills they need to thrive.

To learn more about the JMReid Group approach to leadership workshops, take a look at our different offerings.