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New managers struggle. Moving from an individual contributor to a first-time manager is a significant transition of skills, behaviors, use of time and  determining what to value in the new role.

According to multiple sources, a first line manager has the greatest impact on their employees’ level of engagement and ultimately retention. Research suggests that people leave their manager, not their company.

While it is easy to blame new managers or human resources for high turnover, the company is culpable if they fail to provide new managers with the management skills necessary to be effective in their new role.

What is manager training?

Manager training at JMReid Group focuses on the development of management skills over time. Our manager training recognizes that learning is a journey, and that spaced learning is key. We provide new managers and other front-line managers with a variety of learning opportunities  including webinars, peer coaching, access to virtual learning assets.

A new manager development program is a combination of both in-person workshops as well as access to online training, including well designed e-learning. Our manager development programs are typically part of larger leadership development program  offered by an organization.

The focus of our manager training is on key management skills both new managers and more experienced managers need in order to consistently demonstrate leadership. These skills are designed to drive results, in part by increasing employee engagement.

What happens during a manager workshop?

JMReid Group manager training centers on the learner, our frameworks are jumping off points we use to develop a custom approach for each of our clients. In contrast to one-size-fits-all programs, JMReid Group adjusts our programs to fit company size, experience, and current competency model and business issues. 

A manager training program typically includes content on both essential skills and personal awareness such as:

  • Trust
  • Coaching
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Motivation
  • Delegating
  • Performance Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Style

New managers in particular are challenged by the transition from individual contributor to first-time manager. It is critical that they gain effective delegation skills, in order to have discretionary time to do the job of a manager.

Where appropriate, new manager programs focus on this transition, dealing with real challenges managers face working with prior team members, and embracing their role as newly minted leaders. 

Who needs manager development?

Simply put, everyone in a managerial role – from those who have moved from individual contributor to first-time managers, to those with more experience who have not had management training at the organization. Manager training offers a company great opportunity to build a common language, instill a company’s values and consciously drive performance management.

A new manager training program will often represent a shift in the organizations maturity, strategy or be the result of an acquisition. Leadership development programs and new manager training programs  offer the unique opportunity to instill values, create a common language around leadership and build employee engagement and commitment.

Manager training workshops with JMReid Group

We are different than our peers; most training organizations believe their content or models are the key. This leads to an intellectual property (IP) focus, which suggests to their clients that they value their own ideas more than ensuring engagement and relevance. Once training companies make the choice to focus on IP, they naturally create management training that is more teacher/content driven than learner driven.

At JMReid Group, we believe context is king –  the participant is the reason we are there. Both new managers and experienced managers seek content that is relevant to their role and daily lives. We know that any new manager training program needs to be highly engaging and mirror the world in which the manager operates. Finally, the design of a two-day management training program,  should first focus on the participant’s underlying beliefs and mindset before hitting them with a barrage of skills. Without addressing the necessary mindset and beliefs a manager should have, their new skills will not take root and flourish. 

A manager training workshop should be respectful of the learner.  These managers are in their positions for a reason, they bring a barrage of skills and experienced and should not be treated as “empty vessels”.  Our programs tap into the participants current knowledge and respect the challenges  they face every day. This approach leads to effective leadership and moving people from being good leaders to great leaders.

Our deep management skill library allows us to quickly build a tailored solution to meet our client’s unique needs.  This is not simply a training course, but a solution that may include a mix of learning assets including two-day workshops, e-learning, LMS solutions, videos and webinars. The solution considers learning a journey, not a one-time event.

To learn more about the JMReid approach to leadership workshops, take a look at our different offerings.