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Salespeople, with the right mindset, better skills and practical tools outperform than their counterparts. There is significant evidence that high performing sales organizations invest significantly more in sales development for their representatives and sales managers then organizations that lag in performance.

What is a sales workshop?

A sales workshop is what it sounds like: a workshop designed to accelerate the sales organizations performance. The sales workshop is typically part of a sales performance initiative designed to improve a sales representative’s sales skills.

These workshops can take many different forms depending in part on, the strategy of the company, the needs of the sales organizations and the KPI’s  they are attempting to drive.  Sales training programs were historically sourced from an “off-the-shelf” vendor whose model includes intellectual property fees. In this historic workshop approach the “model was the answer”. These sales training programs were designed with the underlying belief that the learners were empty vessels needing to be filled with the vendors intellectual property.  Much of this training pre-dates social selling and the use of LinkedIn.

Currently, the selling skills development sits inside a broader sales enablement strategy.  Firms recognize that sales training programs are one part of an integrated strategy. Leading firms appreciate that the sales skills needed by their sales representative are in the context of the selling environment. They also recognize that anyone involved in building the customer relationship is a potential attendee.

Simply, leading organizations want a sales methodology that is unique to them. 

At JMReid Group we work with our clients to deeply understand the sales organization.   From customer ride-alongs to focus groups to assessments, we operate under the belief that “context is king”. We  pull from our vast library of content to create a solution targeted at the participants needs. 

What happens during a JMReid Group workshop?

Prior to any learning be delivered we seek to understand the current state. With sales management, sales representatives and sales support, we seek to understand what is working and where there is an opportunity to improve selling skills. Some of this improvement naturally involves providing Sales Coaching skills to sales management.

Our  programs center on the learner. We believe that there is real wisdom in the room – and the role of the facilitator is to be a “guide on the side” rather than a “sage on the stage.”

An attendee in a JMReid Group workshop quickly understands that we respect their world. We design for middle and high-performers  as these are the participants most likely to deliver our clients the results they need.

Our workshops cover the range of a salesperson’s needs:

  • Understanding the buyer/sales cycle
  • Challenging the client’s thinking
  • Becoming genuinely curious
  • Territory and Account Planning
  • Deal pursuit
  • Making sales presentations
  • Outbound and inbound sales
  • Prospecting
  • How to close deals
  • Improving customer relationships
  • And More . . .

At JMReid Group our solutions include a series of two-day workshops where sales teams are pushed to the next level through advanced sales technique training, personal assessments, and team activities designed to reinforce core concepts. We provide on-line sales training typically in support of the facilitator led sales workshop.

Who needs sales training?

While sales training is great for beginners, don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re the only ones who need to learn some new skills.

Ongoing education is a huge part of modern-day sales, as techniques are always evolving. 

A quality sales training company will offer training to everyone from novice sales representatives  to sales managers to account executives to company executives, and will tailor the training to meet each individual’s abilities and needs.

There are clearly new skills needed to accelerate the sales cycle, and close deals while maintaining the customer relationship.

Anyone in an organization whose mindset, behaviors and skills impact the customer’s experience, loyalty and margin – would all benefit from better customer facing (sales) skills.

Sales training workshops with JMReid Group

Sales workshops are a great way to set benchmarks for your team and see them rise to meet company goals. Done properly, they’re a way to completely reimagine how your company approaches your customers and sales methodology.

In JMReid Group trainings, your sales team will be able to articulate what they are currently doing well – and in building on this go from good to great.

Bottom line: JMReid Group combines our expertise with the best of your business to completely transform your team.

To learn more about the JMReid Group approach to sales workshops, take a look at our different offerings.