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JMReid Group is excited to announce our upcoming showcase focused on Sales and Leadership, two of our many training capabilities. Join us to see first hand what your teams will experience as we drive behavior change through tailored learning programs.

  • Location: Virtual - Invitation via ZOOM
  • Date & Time: January 24 & 25, 2023 12:00pm - 2:00pm ET

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Sessions are virtual and open to all. Join us for one or both days and experience training that meets the unique needs of your business. Questions? Contact

Agile Leadership

Tuesday, January 24 12pm-2pm ET
Change is now a constant and it comes with an increased pace and complexity that dictates the need for a shift in how leaders “lead change.” This requires a move beyond dated and simplified “change management” to an approach that builds both resiliency and agility. Today’s leaders must challenge fixed mental models, seek different perspectives and value learning over knowing. Join us for this virtual showcase of our Leadership content where we’ll explore the challenges to agile thinking, bring these challenges to life through engaging activities and provide tools to lead others to deal with change with through agility.

Contributing Insightfully in Sales

Wednesday, January 25 12pm-2pm ET
The greatest gap between winning salespeople and also-rans in the minds of customers is the ability to bring new ideas or perspectives. Simply put, people pay for insight and the value it brings is a critical offering for salespeople in today’s accelerated business world. But what is insight, really? How best do we test this? And ultimately, how do we actively offer insights to engage the customer? Join us as we explore these questions and more in JMReid Group’s virtual showcase focused on Contributing Insightfully in Sales.

Here’s what past attendees had to say…

“Love the transparency into the program; really enjoyed that it was a hybrid perspective of learner and also as the ‘deliverer.’”
“The morning session flew by. Very engaging.”
“Professional, engaging and knowledgeable. Really enjoyed it!”
“I enjoyed the showcase very much. I think having us experience an abbreviated version of the event was very effective. And setting the context, so we knew how what we experienced fit into the bigger picture was also helpful.”
“I think the event was very effective in showcasing what JMReid does. And, personally, it provided enough to peak my interest and follow-up to see what you could do for us. I would attend another event and I would invite additional colleagues.”

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