JMReid Group is excited to announce our next Showcase on Leadership. We have many leadership capabilities, and need your help picking what to showcase! Not sure what you’d like to check out? We have some suggestions from our most popular leadership programs below. 

Agility: In this fast-changing world, what inhibits our ability to quickly adapt and adjust, and what can we do as leaders to overcome these challenges for ourselves and our teams?

Accountability: Everyone believes they are accountable, and yet accountability remains a real organizational issue. This showcase focuses on providing clarity of what accountability is and how to create a culture of accountability.

Transformational Leadership: When an organization commits to meaningful change, its leaders face challenging choices every day. Becoming a transformational leader is about harnessing your Wise Advocate and building the mental habits to make decisions that reflect your best self.

Vote here to have a say in our content! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

      Please note, breakfast and lunch will be provided at the showcase. If you have questions please reach out to Andrew Reid at

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      Convene 600 14th St. Washington, DC

      April 21st

      8:00am to 1:00pm

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      Attendee Testimonials 

      Love the transparency into the program; really enjoyed that it was a hybrid perspective of learner and also as the ‘deliverer.'”

      “Refreshing in design and approach.”

      “Professional and engaging!”

      “From beginning to end (including the pre-workshop communications) has been professional, engaging, and fun!”

      “JMReid Group is world class. Content is well designed and facilitation is engaging and meaningful.”

      “Top notch! Gave me a lot to think about and consider for the future. Thank you.”

      “Really positive. You clearly put a lot of thought into developing an impactful training that takes advantage of how adults learn best.”

      “I appreciated your approach and that you were respectful in not using the “hard sell” technique that many others employ. You provided a lot of value.”

      “It was a bit of a risk selecting JMReid Group over the more traditional training companies and approaches. But the examples of what they’d done in other companies, their strong use of partners and their complete commitment to building a customized MUFG program convinced me: I could not be more pleased with the outcome of that choice. The participants were completely engaged from the first minute through the end of day four. Throughout the week they shared how impactful the learning was and that they could not wait to go back and use it.”

      – Denise Ascheri,  Director of Leadership and Professional Development, MUFG