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JMReid Group is excited to announce our upcoming showcase focused on Sales and Leadership, two of our many leadership capabilities. Join us to see first hand what your teams will experience as we drive behavior change through tailored learning programs.

  • Location: Virtual - Invitation via ZOOM
  • Date & Time: October 18 & 19, 2022 12:00pm - 2:00pm ET

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Session Details

Sessions are virtual and open to all. Join us for one or both days and experience training that meets the unique needs of your business. Questions? Contact


Tuesday, October 18
12pm-2pm ET

Your legacy as a leader is the sum of the decisions you make, yet the complexities and ambiguities of the modern world challenge you constantly. So how do you assess each decision with the right amount of time and energy?

Join us for a virtual showcase of our Leadership content where we’ll explore the neuroscience behind strategic decision-making and demonstrate techniques that you can use to evaluate, prioritize and determine the best path forward in the challenging climate of today’s market.


Wednesday, October 19
12pm-2pm ET

There are many things sellers do to get the sale—from storytelling, to providing data, to taking a consultative approach with an emphasis on questioning. We believe value selling, at its core, is about differentiating your sales approach from the competition. To make that difference, you need to up your game. Storytelling becomes story-seeking, providing data becomes providing insights and emphasizing questioning becomes asking better questions.

Your ability to out-value the competition starts with a prospect call and ends with a long-term partnership. Join us for a virtual showcase to engage in a discussion around the behaviors that can make every touchpoint on the journey more effective.

Here’s what past attendees had to say…

“Love the transparency into the program; really enjoyed that it was a hybrid perspective of learner and also as the ‘deliverer.’”
“The morning session flew by. Very engaging.”
“Professional, engaging and knowledgeable. Really enjoyed it!”
“I enjoyed the showcase very much. I think having us experience an abbreviated version of the event was very effective. And setting the context, so we knew how what we experienced fit into the bigger picture was also helpful.”
“I think the event was very effective in showcasing what JMReid does. And, personally, it provided enough to peak my interest and follow-up to see what you could do for us. I would attend another event and I would invite additional colleagues.”

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